Your New Secret Weapon for Thicker Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the defining features of your look, but they’re also one of the makeup tricks that most often goes ignored. That’s often because styling your eyebrows can be a hassle, and a lot of eyebrow products out there are misleading or just a letdown. But our team at Stylu has come across an eyebrow product that is sure to be your new secret weapon for thicker, more defined eyebrows: Surethik.

Surethik eyebrow thickening

Surethik eyebrow thickening is created by the use of a two-step product. First you apply the defining beeswax, and then you apply the natural thickening fibers. Together, this creates the look of fuller eyebrows that keep the shape you want and don’t smudge throughout the day or come off when you sweat. In fact, in can last 16 hours with one application.

Surethik products come in four different natural fiber colours–dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and sandy blonde. This allows you to create the look that best complements your face and hair.

Who should use Surethik products?

The benefits Surethik provides are good for several groups of people.

You have patchy eyebrows

If you have patchy eyebrows with spots where hair doesn’t grow or is thinner than the rest of your eyebrows, using this eyebrow thickener will fill in the patchiness in a way that looks natural.

You’ve plucked too much

Over-plucked eyebrows can be a temporary problem (although chronic over-plucking can lead to thin or patchy eyebrows). For those occasions when you go too far with the tweezers, you can thicken the problem areas until the hair grows back.

One eyebrow is different from the other

Everyone’s eyebrows are slightly different shapes on each side. If the difference is noticeable, you may want a product that can help you to even them out.

Your eyebrows need shaping and definition

Because having a distinct eyebrow shape can make such a big impact on your look, you can also use this unique product to shape and hold your eyebrow style in place.

Keep Surethik in your professional makeup arsenal. It’s a secret weapon you can count