Spring is traditionally the season for weddings. It’s a sign of new life, and that’s exactly what your wedding is–the start of a new life with your partner. Unfortunately, weddings get stressful. You want this important event to be perfect, and that includes looking your best.

The good news is that Stylu can help you with that part. Here’s our advice for spring bridal hair and makeup.

Wedding hair and makeup trends

The big trends for spring 2018 wedding hairstyles take a new look at several classics. We’re seeing a lot of updos, buns, and ponytails. Sounds simple, right?

The key to making the right statement with these looks is to keep them relaxed while adding texture to the overall look. That means low, loose updo with wisps that frame the face. Buns are also being worn low and loose. Ponytails, on the other hand, look more sophisticated when they’re worn high on the head.

Adding in waves or braids can make any of these looks uniquely yours. Then all you need is a hair comb or ribbon to finish off your style.

The seemingly effortless styles work well on most hair lengths. Your stylist can easily add extensions if you need more length or fullness.

Finish off this casually sophisticated look with pastel pink or peach makeup. Choose similar shades for eyeshadow and blush, and we suggest MAC’s lip gloss in Signs of Spring for a glowing natural look.

Popular looks that work for weddings

For something really different, you can try the half updo. It’s an asymmetrical look that combines a casual updo with sideswept hair. It works especially well if you have a half-shaved haircut.

You can also fake a side shave with this style by having your stylist add a braid or fishtail braid to the “shaved” side.

For an undercut that’s shaved around the lower part of your head, a half ponytail or half updo is flattering. This allows you to work with the wedding hair and makeup trends while showing off your shaved cut.

Make your bold look stand out with thick long, false lashes. Your wedding is the day to go big, and our stylists can apply the lashes for you.

Stylu provides mobile bridal hair and makeup with professional stylists who come to you. Reduce your wedding day stress by scheduling an appointment.