Innovative On-Demand Beauty Service Launched in Vancouver

Don’t you hate it when you need to get ready for an event but you’re crunched for time or stuck at the office instead?
Your time to complete tasks, like most people’s, is probably stretched in a dozen different directions each day. And anything that will get the best results while taking up less of your time is a life-saver.
Fortunately, Stylu has launched its mobile hair and makeup service in Vancouver.

What is Stylu?

We’re an on-demand styling service made up of hair and makeup professionals. All you do is schedule an appointment with one of our stylists, and they will show up on time at the location you provide.
Stylu has had great success in Toronto, where we have been providing an unrivaled on-demand experience for busy individuals who prefer not to wait at a salon for their appointment.
Now we’re in two Canadian cities, and we have separate local teams to provide quick and reliable service in both areas.

How to book a Stylu appointment in Vancouver?

You can book an appointment in either of two ways. Schedule on our website or download our easy-to-use app, where you can book, pay, and leave a review all in one place.
We make the process easy, and we hire top hair and makeup pros in Vancouver. The best part is you don’t have to drive to a salon and wait once you’re there. Your Stylu stylist will arrive at your house, apartment, or office anywhere in the greater Vancouver area, meaning you can use your time however you like until your appointment starts. Then, you can get right back to the rest of your day.
Are you ready to maximize your time without sacrificing style? Book your Vancouver mobile hair or makeup appointment today.