Fall is a favorite time for warm, orangey tones. It brings to mind changing leaves, pumpkins, spice, and bonfires. And that’s why some of our favorite fall looks at Stylu incorporate fiery shades that light up fall evenings. Our mobile makeup team expects to see a lot of oranges, reds, and earthy brown tones this season. Try out some of these makeup ideas to start feeling fiery yourself.

Glittery eyes create sparks

To get that fire look yourself, start with the eyes. Layer on shimmery red-browns and burnt orange shades like the ones from the Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow palette. You can add a lighter matte color on the inner eye and up to the brow to prevent going overboard with the glitter and balance out the look.

Of course, if it’s a special occasion, it’s appropriate to add a bit of smokey color to the outer edge of the eye and a pop of extra glitter on the center of the lid to really light up your eyes. NYX Professional Makeup Pigments in Shanghai Sun is a fun shimmer to add for fall eye makeup.

The new take on fiery lips

Red is a classic bold lip color, and there’s a particular shade of red for each person. You can’t go wrong with a fall burgundy or cherry lip. But right now, metallic lip color is the new bold choice. And with a coppery liquid lip color, like Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Moscow Muled, you can apply quickly and precisely. Or if you’re set on red, try their Crimson Chrome, a metallic red.

A great way to try out new makeup trends for fall is to let a professional show you how some of these looks can work for you. Let our team of professionals come to you to provide mobile makeup in Toronto and the surrounding area.